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Acting Coach On Demand

Kytriena Payseno

Who is Kytriena Payseno?


Kytriena Payseno is a native to Colorado, and has lived in Ojai California and Essex, United Kingdom. Ms. Payseno holds her Masters of Arts, in Acting from the University of Essex, and her B.A. in Theatre and English from Metropolitan State University of Denver. You can find Kytriena in such movies as PRND, Modern Christmas Story, Rattle Can, The Lonely Italian, Darkest Roads and Saturday at the Starlight. She appears in the webseries  About Us and Fighter & the Kid. Ms. Payseno started her acting career with the Kidskits conservatory and performing company, continue on to work with such companies as The E-Project, KidStage, Curious, Check Point, Ojai Youth Entertainers Studio, Theatre 150, Santa Paula Theatre, Red Rocks Community College Theatre, American Lung Association, Kaiser Permanente, Southern Colorado Repertory Theatre, Glass Moon Theatre Company, Fearless Theatre Company and many more! Kytriena has worked with over 100 schools in several states, and is proud to be offer arts education to eager souls of all ages.


The University of Essex; East 15 MA Acting 2014

Metropolitan State College of Denver B.A. (Major; Theatre, Minor; Literature) 2010

Military Module; Brendan Riding 2014

Shakespeare Workout; Bruce Wall 2014

Film Module; Jonathan Firth 2014

Shakespeare Module; Ben Crystal 2013

Verbatim Theatre Module; Chris Haydon 2013

Improv Module; Bryony Shannanhan 2013

Animation Module; Andrea Brooks 2013

Clowning Module; Jamie Wood 2013

Acting for Radio; Harry Myers 2013

Laban Module; Tracey Collier 2013/2014

Act True; Marc Durso 2011/2012

Master Mask Introduction; Marilyn Hetzel 2009

Kidskits Conservatory: Jeb Nolan 2001

About Coaching On Demand

We who act know that it is a sacrifice. It's hard to justify taking off work to do all the classes and auditions, when there's never a guarantee. I have an idea! If you have an audition coming up and want to run lines? If you want to vent about what happened in your last audition? If you need advice? If you need industry contacts?  What if you had an acting coach on demand, someone to be there when you need them. This is for actors who would like to have the moral and professional support in a caring tone to help them in their journey. I'm available to be an ear, for you to bounce ideas off of, a person to give advice on career choices (I.e. selecting material, choosing headshots), someone who can recommend projects for you, someone to help answer questions about the industry, someone to read lines with, a person to help put you in contact with industry professionals and someone you could vent to in confidence. It is better to seek these things through someone who lives the life in the industry, rather than say a family member. Just try this, and see if this is something wroth procuring. This is not just industry coaching, but artistic coaching with heart.


The first step is to email, from there you can choose how you would like to communicate. One Face to face in the Lakewood Studio, Facebook Video Chat on Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts, We Chat, Instagram, Twitter or good ole' fashioned telephone. You will also need to decide on what day and time. Please include your time zone.

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News & Events


Acting Coach on Demand is proud to announce their new studio!

Pequeño Estudio (Colfax & Sheridan)

Need a place to rehearse, to dance, to shoot, need to have a meeting, need a place to paint, need to share a screening, need a place to hold a class, need to have a screen or play reading or just need a place to be creative?

We are renting our 250 sq. ft. shared artists workspace for $20 an hr.

Office rental negotiable.

Wi-Fi and minor office supplies included.

The space is extremely flexible, and can include a tech for an additional fee.

Dramatic Library available for use as well!

Contact for 24 hour bookings

Adult Acting Workshops:

Know Thyself (Inside Out & Outside In)

Oct. 27th, 2019 2-4pm (Fee $50)


We will be exploring our minds, voice and body in order to evoke a character with human instinct!


Location:Pequeño Estudio (Colfax & Sheridan)

*Only 5 spots available

All Ages Workshops (If Under 18, Parent or Guardian Need to be Present):

Audition & Casting Workshop (Know Thy Industry)

Nov. 3rd, 2019 2-4pm (Fee $50)


Participants will be creating the business of self, and learning how to play the game of the industry. This workshop is perfect for those who are beginners or experienced actors. This workshop also helps to gain audition skills, and is designed to keep the actor trained and ready to go.

Location:Pequeño Estudio (Colfax & Sheridan)

*Only 5 spots available


Tel: 805-901-4130 |

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"Ms. Payseno is a true artist and fortunately for all of us, she has incredible energy, passion and enthusiasm to share her craft" 

                -Kimberly Love

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